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About X-DANCE.org

    This is a private & personal showcase of club music & culture from around the world, being online from 1999, currently on its 6th year X-DANCE has grown and currently offering best music available. X-DANCE was the first site back in 1999 (www.xdance.cjb.net) who offered Acapellas / Instrumenals & bootlegs getting a lot attention from the dance community which was reflected in the high popularity of the site over the years, Now under its own servers provide best services and downloads for free. Dance events, parties, festivals and promotions took place successfully over the years with many more to come.

    X-DANCE.org is still a non-profit site running with donations and personal work of its founders. Mp3 is simply a vehicle for our community. We are the ones promoting the tracks on radio & clubplay worldwide. Tracks showcased here reaches a targeted audience of over 1 million dance-oriented listeners monthly via online distribution/broadcasts, radioplay or at the clubs worldwide.

    This isn't an mp3 pirate site. We care about music & we own the hard copies where or when available.